image-high-ropes-2Today more than ever we seem to be more divided in America than ever. The urban youth are at greater risk than ever before. We at Camp Grace have had the children and the youth of the urban cities on our heats for the past 10 years and we see the problem getting worse not better. Nationally 47% of our urban youth will not graduate from high school. Every day in the U.S.A. 1,000 of our urban males are arrested. 70% of all urban youth are born to a single mom and 1 in 5 of our urban teens will become pregnant. 40% of the kids that drop out of school are in prison, on parole or are on probation. On average 13 youth are murdered each day.

image-high-ropesThere are 33,000 gangs in our urban cities that make up 1.4 million members. Gangs are responsible for more that 48% of all violent crimes committed. We have a problem and it is no different in the south in cities like Atlanta, Macon, Albany etc. as it is with the rest of the country. We at Camp Grace identified this growing problem some13 years ago and decided we had to do something about it. We can’t solve the problem but we can do our part to try to win the hearts of these kids and save some from a life of crime, terrible choices and even death. Now that we have been at this now for 13 years and see that what we are doing is working beyond our wildest dreams we are asking thousands to join us. Together we can achieve so much more.