image-faces-girlsOur strategy is to continue to develop and to grow our camp facilities on our 300 acres to be a first class camp that will serve 7,000 urban youth a summer by 2025.

Our goal is to develop two more camps on our current 300 acre camp that will be for different age groups and different target groups giving us a total of three fully functioning camps serving 7,000 urban kids a summer. Over the past 11 years 44% of all the kids that have come to Camp Grace have made a decision to follow Jesus. We currently have 40 urban partners in 15 cities and all our partners tell us that most of their kids make decisions to follow Christ at Camp Grace and not in the city. We don’t know exactly what it is but life transformation occurs in this camp setting.

image-counselorWe believe God is calling us to see thousands come to Christ not hundreds each summer. For this reason we will start a capital campaign we are calling our 20/20 vision for Camp Grace. This 20/20 vision is to raise 20 million by 2020 to build out all the camps and to be ready to serve 7,000 urban kids by 2025.

Capital is one thing but sponsoring 7,000 urban underserved kids to a week of summer camp is another. It costs Camp Grace $360 per camper for a week of summer camp. By 2025 provided we reach our 7,000 campers per summer goal that would be a summer budget of $2,520,000. That’s a tremendous amount of money but it is all worth it, as we will see thousands of kids come to Christ.